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We feel that our pricing is fair and competitive with industry standards. We never up-sell on the phone or or on the job. Our chemicals, solutions, and dirty water extraction is cost of business, and we never pass this along to our customers. The only exception to this is our acid treatment for particularly persistent stains, which does incur a small cost, but is used, at the customer’s discretion, only in the most extreme cases. We don’t believe in Scotchguard or similar products and will never offer them. The only time our standard pricing may be increased on the job site is if the carpets, upholstery, or tile is in worse condition than originally stated; if extra time or resources are required to revive particularly abused surfaces, we may alter our original quote, but this rarely occurs, and we encourage you to send us photos of the items needing cleaning beforehand so that we can quote you accurately from the start. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, both in service and cost of service. We strive to bring the best value we can in all that we do.

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minimum service call: $165

If we come to clean 1 room or item only, this fee still applies, so we encourage you to take a a look around the house for other areas or items that may need attention so that we can combine them, and maximize your value for money. Perhaps you have some area rugs, a dining room chair or two that need attention, etc. Our Minimum Service Call takes into account the time and resources required to commute to your home or office. 

residential carpet cleaning

Every home is different. Most residential properties conform to standard room sizes and our prices are structured primarily around these configurations. From time to time, a home, or a particular room inside, may be larger than average. For exceptional deviations from the norm in scale, our pricing will reflect the added surface area. We ask that you provide approximate room dimensions when booking if you think one of your rooms may be larger than average. 

Our residential carpet cleaning service includes all disinfectants and deodorizers.

our HOuse package

$295 – $325

Our House Package includes living room, dining room, hallway, 3 bedrooms, and 1 flight of stairs.

This includes wall-to-wall cleaning and the moving of smaller furniture items. 

additional rooms

• Bedroom: $35
• Den: $20
• Small Rec Room: $55
• Large Rec Room: $100
• Staircase: $50 – $65

oversize fee

• Bedroom: add $10 – $20
• En-Suite: add $15 – $20
• Walk-In: add $20

If an area or item is in particularly good shape, we are happy to consider waiving add-ons or surcharges.

our full townHOuse package

$295 – $320

Our Full Townhouse Package includes living room, dining room, hallway, 3 bedrooms, and 1 flight of stairs, the same as our House Package.

our partial townHOuse package

$165 + $50 – $65 per staircase add-on.

Our Partial Townhouse Package includes 3 bedrooms and hallway — standard top-floor layout, plus staircases as needed.

These packages include wall-to-wall cleaning and the moving of smaller furniture items. 

standard room dimensions

• Liv. Room + Din. Room + Hall: 350 sq/ft
• Master Bedroom: 12×15
• Standard Bedroom: 10×10
• Hallway: 3×10
• Staircase: 12 – 13 steps

upholstery cleaning

We service a wide range of furniture items, each with their own unique cleaning challenges. Like carpet cleaning, oversized, unique, or abnormally soiled furniture pieces may be subject to additional cost, but generally speaking, most items fit well within our standard pricing structure. We recommend having your upholstery cleaned while we’re cleaning carpets or tile. This will help avoid our Minimum Service Call fee, giving you more value for money. 

Our upholstery cleaning service includes all disinfectants and deodorizers.

living room pieces

• 6ft Couch: $130
• 5ft Loveseat: $100
• Sectional: $230
• Chair + Chaise: $50 – $60


• Bottoms: $8 – $15
• Bottoms + Backs: $15 – $20

office + patio CHAIRS

• Bottoms: $8 – $15
• Bottoms + Backs: $15 – $20

tile cleaning

Our tile cleaning service utilizes two key systems: high-pressure, hot water rinse and extraction, as well as a high temperature vapour steam system. In some cases, both systems are used simultaneously. Combined, these two systems enable us to clean tile and grout — both on flooring and walls, as well as certain countertops, backsplashes, showers, and shower basins. 

Our tile cleaning service includes all disinfectants and cleansing solutions.

reasonable condition

• $1.00to$1.30 sq/ft

weathered condition

• Ask for estimate

For the most accurate quote, please send us photographs of the areas needing cleaning so we may best assess your individual case.

BAThroom (other)

• Tub Surrounds: $85
• Bathtub: $50
• Single Sink Counter: $10
• Double Sink Counter: $15

KITCHEN (other)

• Counters: $45 – $60
• Backsplash: Ask for estimate

AUTO + RV + BOAT cleaning

We service a wide range of vehicles, so long as the material is cloth or fibre based; we do not service leather upholstery or surfaces. As every vehicle varies greatly, it is generally best to send us photographs of the areas needing cleaning beforehand so that we may best approximate pricing. Below, you’ll find some sample pricing to get a rough idea. 

Our vehicle cleaning services include all disinfectants and deodorizers.

auto + boat

• Cabin Seat: $30
• Bench: $45
• Swivel Chair: $30 – $40
• Carpets: $50 – $100


• Carpets: $85 – $100
• Couch: $60 – $80
• Swivel Chair: $30 – $40
• Dinette Chair: $5 -$10


Our commercial carpet and tile cleaning services are typically priced on a case-by-case basis. For carpeting, we range between $0.28—$0.35 sq/ft, and for tile, we begin pricing at $1.30 sq/ft. For most commercial projects, we suggest arranging a free in-person estimate so we can best quote your needs, having seen the space and condition at hand. 

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