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We clean carpets in many cities, Carpet cleaning can be done by almost anyone, you can rent a machine from a local store, you can borrow a friends shampooer, you can spot clean, vapour clean, BUT

If you want proper cleaning and sanitation it will require a professional service provider, most professionals have truck mounted, steam cleaning machines.

 Anyone providing professional services that does not have a machine in their truck, well Professional may not be their strong suit, Listen, portables are all right, but they have a place in this business, they are meant for use when a truck can not be used, such as Apartments, hard to get at places, there are many types of portables also, most cleaners have a 1 cord machines, one for the motor, suction and the pump, usually a 100-150 psi pump, this is fine for a home owner but is no good for cleaning professionally, no exceptions here.

If a professional does not have a 2-3 cord machine and a 500 psi pump, don't hire him, most cleaners do not like doing portable work, the reason is, they find it to be time consuming and hard, this is true if you have the wrong equipment

A 2-3 cord machine allows for 2 engines, 1 cord for 1 engine and a pump out system for the dirty water, the second for the second engine, and the third for the 500 psi Pump, when we clean with a truck system we clean with 400-500 psi, so when we clean with a portable, why would we want to use less, this allows us to get deep into the carpet, 2 engines allow us to recover more water, should we need the heat of a truck, 200-250 degrees, we bring a small electric heater with us allow for the extra heat, this requires a 4th cord, when all of this is combined, we can produce the same cleaning as a truck, but we still would not want to use this on all jobs everyday, electric motors are not able to sustain the workload of a $30.000 truck mount ongoing, so when you are comparing pricing between one company and another, make sure it is apple to apple.

Our machines are 500-1200 PSI Auto fill and auto empty, They are large and they do the job, We can run 100 ft of hose from them and have plenty of suction, the extra psi is used for tile cleaning Deck cleaning and some light pressure washing all in one machine.

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