All we ask is that before we arrive, please remove breakables and small items from tables and other small furniture that will be moved by us, as well as all small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, etc, from the areas to be cleaned. Also, arrange for pets and children to be away from the area where we are going to be cleaning, if possible!  

After your carpet is cleaned …

1. Be careful walking from carpet to hard surfaces. Floors can be slippery.

2. Keep pets and children off of carpet for at least 1 hours, if possible!

3. Remove protective blocks and tabs 24 hours after carpet is cleaned, if you want.

4. Do not vacuum carpet the next day, if there is any moisture at all in the carpet, it would not be good for your vacuum cleaner

How to Care for your Carpet

When it comes to maintaining your carpet, one of the most critical areas of focus is the traffic areas. If ground in soil is not removed on a regular basis, the traffic areas will begin to wear excessively. The dirt is extremely abrasive against the fibers of the carpet as you walk back and forth on it. The second area of focus of course is spot removal. You must react to "danger" spots immediately. Red wine, red beverages, urine, blood, etc., can cause a permanent stain if not treated immediately.

Listed below are the steps that you must take to properly maintain your floors.


 Selecting A Carpet Cleaning Professional

If you find that no matter how much you vacuum, your carpet still does not look like it used to, it may be time for deep cleaning. While there are do-it-yourself cleaning methods on the market, hiring a professional is the safest, fastest and easiest options. 

To keep your carpet at peak performance, CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) recommends professionally deep cleaning your carpet every 12 to 18 months. 

When looking for a cleaning professional, take these cautions to heart:

Be careful of any company that contacts you by phone or that advertises a cleaning price by the room.  Room sizes vary and charges should be based on the total area cleaned. 
The use of brand name cleaning products does not necessarily suggest an affiliation with those companies or added credibility for the cleaning service. 

Do not be afraid to ask questions! Here are a few questions to keep in mind:

“How long have you been in business?” The answer can speak volumes about a company’s reputation and experience.
“What formal training is required for the company’s management and cleaning technicians?” A reputable company should require that employees receive training 

“Do you use industry Approval cleaning solutions and equipment?”  products have been independently tested and certified to effectively clean carpet without causing any damage. 

Never go strictly by television advertisements or newspaper inserts or jump at the lowest bid.  And be careful of quotes over the phone.  Have the cleaning representative come to your home for an inspection to determine the type of cleaning method that is most suitable, as well as to inspect your carpet for problem spots or extremely soiled areas.  Obtain a written agreement before any work is done.  Usually they will not charge for furniture removal, routine spot removal or preconditioning.  Make sure you are not charged for any extras. Get a written contract with the total price and statements of guarantees that the cleaning company offers.


The following tips will help you get the best results from hiring a professional carpet cleaning service provider:

Show the cleaning professional any problem areas and spots or pet stains that need special attention.

To prevent voiding warranties, contact the carpet manufacturer before allowing additional treatment, such as re-applying stain treatments or antistatic treatments.

Wait for the carpet to dry completely before walking on the carpet or moving the furniture back into the room. If you replace the furniture too quickly, rust or stains from paint or finishes could mar the carpet permanently.


Coquitlam Carpet Cleaning Carpet dryers

If you have a carpet that needs to be dried in a hurry, we can start drying while we are cleaning, and in some cases we can leave a turbo dryer with you, and arrange for pick up the next day   

Coquitlam Carpet Cleaning / Auto upholstery cleaning

Auto interior cleaning, 

when is the last time you professionally cleaned your vehicle? don't wait any longer, let's get it booked today, you will be glad you. 

Commercial cleaning from small offices to 20.000 sq ft, At the present time we do all the universities in the Okanagan, each has it's own challenges, but we have been doing them for 20 years, give us a call today and let us view your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. 

Coquitlam Carpet cleaning/ Commercial division

We protect your walls from our hoses, just one more thing to assure you we care.  

Corner guards used at Coquitlam Carpet cleaning
CFX Extractor at Coquitlam Carpet Cleaning

While the CFX is the same overall size as a standard 12 gallon portable extractor, it has an extra large 27 gallon clean water holding tank. This is made possible due to the super compact design of the motor housing and small recovery tank with an automatic empty pump out system. The CFX can clean non-stop for more than twice as long as a standard 12 gallon extractor. 

If you live in a place where a truck mount cleaning system can not reach, this is your answer, with this system, no one will be filling up or emptying buckets in your home, this is a fully automatic pump out system, the largest portable made, with the most suction in the industry., while the majority of cleaners clean with water that is warm, we carry external 2000 watt heaters to boost the cleaning power of this unit, don't leave dirt behind with old systems, call us today and we will show you that portable cleaning can be as close in comparison to a truck system as you can get