Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning in Port Moody


Why are we Port Moody's Most Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service?


That’s simple, Port Moody's Professional Staff Run by Only Way Cleaning Services is committed to providing Port Moody  and surrounding area with the best Carpet Cleaning Service at  HONEST Prices NO GIMMICKS. We do not UPSELL, No hidden fees such as disposal fees for dirty water. No undiscovered charges. All of our cleaning packages include the very same treatments other carpet cleaning companies charge extra for including tough stain removal, odor, stairs, and trouble spots, or some even up-sell Rotary machines over wand cleaning, This is improper, Clean is Clean, the tools we decide to use are for our benefit, they are not to be used to up-sell you a better cleaning.

We spare no expense and are committed to using the Carpet Cleaning industry’s best equipment & products. More importantly, our Carpet Cleaning Professionals are trained, tested, and certified on both our equipment and products to ensure the Best Carpet Cleaning Service possible at affordable prices.

Our hot water extraction process guarantees a deep healthy clean for your carpet, while our certified green carpet cleaning products leave your home free of artificial chemical by- products, and ensures Port Moody's Carpet Cleaning does its part to keep us as green as we can.


 27 gallon clean water, 15 gallon dirty water Monster, Auto fill, Auto empty, Add a 2400 watt heater and wowser,  the very best

Add Tile cleaning to the tasks that this bad boy can tackle, this portable unit for high-rises is the most capable machine around, from 500 psi for carpet or 1200 psi for tile cleaning, or patio and deck cleaning Ask for details 778-829-4557 

In Port Moody, there is not a shortage of Carpet Cleaner Services, and many of these companies do a great job of doing what we call “getting in the door.” They’ll give you a low estimate over the phone and you’ll schedule your carpet cleaning service. Once they get in your door, these companies add a plethora of extra charges and you’re left feeling helpless. These carpet cleaning companies are able to do this because the majority of people need to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment because they a required to by the terms of their lease. If you’re moving out of your home or apartment and you’ve scheduled your appointment on or close to the last day your of occupancy, the possibility of being able to find another Carpet Cleaning Company is slim.

We will treat you with respect, 

Our Portable units for Hi-rise cleaning, such as condos and apartments above 2 floors are the best in the industry, they are 1200 PSI water pumps, we need 400 psi minimum to clean your carpets properly, as we would if we were using our truck.

We also we bring portable instantaneous heaters to give us 200 degree water temperatures, this is needed to provide proper cleaning and disinfection of your carpet /upholstery, Any one using a portable with 100 or 200 psi and only using your hot water is doing you a disservice, this is not comparable,  ask what water temperature and psi they run their truck. 

Portable work is a lot of work, dragging all this equipment into a building and up elevators and into small kitchen spaces, cords running everywhere, draining dirty water into sinks or toilets, it must be the BEST so we don't feel like we are compromising.


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