Convenient Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Pitt Meadows and surrounding areas


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Take the hassle out of carpet cleaning with convenient floor and upholstery cleaning services from Pitt Meadows

 Carpet Cleaning in Pitt Meadows  and surrounding communities. 

The owners, Peter & Beverly Macgregor have been cleaning for more than 32 years. our company offers quality carpet, upholstery, tile and  grout, and Rv and Auto Cleaning

We specialize in Residential & Commercial services in Pitt Meadows and surrounding areas

Some things we do different, 

Floor Protection, When we arrive we will place runners and mats across your tile and hardwood floors.

Wall Protection

We will protect the corners of walls and furniture, as well as wrap the wood bannister if necessary to protect from our hoses.

NO Up-Sell

We do not sell Scotch Guard, you will not be asked to purchase.
We do not charge a disposal fee for the dirty water.
We will not up-sell different cleaning packages, IE: wand cleaning over a Rotary tool, this is absurd,  to think someone would come into your home and sell one tool over another is distasteful, CLEAN IS CLEAN, we would never leave your home or business knowing we could have done a better job if only you paid more.

We do not charge to take your dirty water away, some call this an environmental fee, it is a cash grab from our point of view, just saying...

Pitt Meadows Carpet Cleaning

This was a challenge, but it came up new again 

Pitt Meadows Carpet Cleaning Services