Our Promise to you

 We will do the best we can with what you give us to work with.

We will not UP-SELL cleaning while we are in your home, we will do what you asked us to do.

We will not charge you extra for stains we have to work harder on.

We will not sell you Scotchguard, we do not believe in this product, we do not carry it in our truck, and do not believe it is the right way to protect your investment.

We will use corner protectors on the walls in your home.

We will lay carpet runners across your hard wood flooring as we enter your home.

We will use protective covers on our brass connectors to protect your walls and floors.

We will Vacuum your wall edges before we clean, we will, IF necessary edge clean along the walls.

We will groom all your rugs after cleaning.We will use dryers while we are in your home to speed the drying process, so you can enjoy your flooring quicker.

We understand there are many choices for you to have a company come into your home, your home is your castle and it is import that a cleaner show respect and treat your home accordingly, we strive to do the job right, thus insuring we have you as a client for many years to com, we look forward to meeting with you.

Peter And Beverly MacGregor