# 1  Cloverdale Carpet Cleaning Company

If you have a home in Cloverdale, or Surrey we would be happy to help with your cleaning needs.

Only Way Services has been cleaning carpets and upholstery in the Cloverdale Surrey area for over 36 years
We hear everyday that it is challenging for clients to find a responsible and reputable Carpet cleaning firm, there are so many companies that use bait and switch tactics that some folks are just apprehensive to hire someone.

We assure you we never use improper means to get into your home and then try to take advantage of you, My wife Beverly and myself have worked very hard over the years to treat you and your home with respect, having a client for life is our goal.

We are and will remain a family business, you will always have one of us in your home insuring the quality of work.

We only use safe cleaning supplies and products on your fabrics. 

We do not charge a disposal fee to remove your wastewater from your property

We do not sell Scotch Guard, We believe in yearly maintenance not chemicals

If you want a dedicated cleaning team, call Beverly to set up an appointment and we will look after you,          778-829-4557

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