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We have found the carpet cleaning services of Only-Way Services to be invaluable. Our B&B receives a lot of foot traffic, and we have complicated carpets of wool and jute. Peter and Beverly have been looking after us for years and have always left our carpets in impeccable condition. Their attention to detail and ability to assist with advice for bad stains has also been a great support. We will continue to rely on their expertise with great confidence.

brent pierce | may 18, 2017

Peter & Bev at Only Way are in a word awesome! I would recommend to anyone that wants the best value for your money. I could not have been happier with the workmanship and extra effort that they went to ensure that we were happy when they were done. Over the years we have used several other possibly larger companies, but they all pale in comparison to the job done for Sue and I today. Thank you very much Peter & Bev, very nice to have met you.

deborah black | may 5, 2017

We had neglected to have our carpets cleaned the last few years. Couple that with kids running through the house spilling stuff everywhere and two cats. What a mess! The carpet honestly looked like it needed to be tossed. You should see it now! Bev and Peter did an excellent job. The carpet looks brand new. I couldn't believe my eyes. I wish I had a before and after photo to post! Plus, as a bonus, Bev and Peter are exceptionally warm and friendly — truly lovely people.


Prompt, efficient, pleasant, honest, reasonably-priced — all the qualities you are looking for in customer service. The carpets brightened up a few shades before my eyes. Would run out of superlatives describing them! Only-Way Cleaning Services is the ONLY WAY to go. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

gordon westbroek | march 24, 2017

We were in the process of preparing to sell our home and our carpets were only 9 years old but showing the wear and tear of inexpensive builder grade carpet. We had tried everything to remove the many stains and blotches covering them but had no luck. We were going to try a steam clean but figured we would likely have to rip them out and replace. My wife saw the before and after pictures Bev and Peter have online and figured it was a long shot but one that would be preferable to removing them etc. Bev and Peter are not only friendly and extremely knowledgeable, they are a literal tag team of awesome who take a lot of pride in delivering a quality carpet cleaning. They gave us advice in terms of footwear to ensure we didn't transfer dye or rubber to the carpet and preventative maintenance techniques. Our carpets look almost as good as the day we purchased the home back in 2008. We are extremely happy as we managed to avoid the headache of having to replace the carpet. We highly recommend them to anyone in a similar predicament to ours! Peter, Bev... THANKS so much for the work you did, so very much appreciated!!!

natalie chadwick | march 14, 2016

I have 3 pets and they make a terrible mess! I have used many different cleaning companies in the past 6 years in my townhome in Surrey, and I cannot believe the difference!  Bev & Peter are the most professional, detail oriented service — from the corner guards, to the non-slip mats, fans in every room to speed up the drying process (a first in my experience, that’s for sure!). I am very grateful that I found their listing and that they made an exception to come to my pocket of Surrey. I can’t imagine using any other carpet cleaning company… EVER again. Thanks Peter/Bev — I really appreciate what you were able to do with my carpets. They’re new again!

trisha wintemute chilton | march 12, 2015

Only-Way Cleaning is the ONLY carpet cleaning company I will ever use. If you live in greater Van, you MUST use them... They are so nice, professional, reliable and they do the best work. I highly recommend them!

brandi cryer | february 11, 2015

Thank you Bev and Peter! I'm a very happy lady! Your services were friendly, effective, and you left my house with a sparkle! 
I'm very pleased with the results on my floors. Both tile and grout and carpet services. I will be recommending your company to others. 

meagan hart | january 25, 2015

Amazing, professional and thorough. Explained the process and machines they are using. Absolutely committed to the satisfaction of their customers. This is our second time having them to our home and we will continue to do so in the future! Thanks so much Bev and Peter for such an outstanding job.

andy schildorn | january 19, 2015

Peter and Bev did a very thorough job cleaning our tile floor that had not been touched for over 10 years. I really appreciate the extra effort they did to make sure it was done right.

berne engen | january 13, 2015

Peter and Bev MacGregor have been cleaning our carpets for the last few years now and I must say you'll never find anyone better: carpets are dry within a few hours, very friendly people. What I like best is that they do boats as well. My boat interior has never look so good. I highly recommend them!

danielle warner lewis | january 7, 2015

Thank you so much for bringing life back our carpets! We honestly thought our only option was going to be to replace it, if we could ever save up the money. Only-Way was able to get out stains that have been there for years (not to mention a lot of pet stains thanks to our cat who eats weird things!). We will definitely have you back in our home! Highly recommend Only-Way Services!

wendy mcKillop-magnusson | november 23, 2014

We simply will have no one else touch our carpets! They are just the best and such wonderful customer service oriented people. Highly recommend!!!

rob + betty mcduff | november 16, 2014

We have had this company clean our carpets a number of times over the past several years and I have to say they are THE BEST! The carpets are never "soaked" so they dry very quickly. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a company to clean, not only their carpets, but also, furniture or the grout between tiles. Great company, friendly people and reliable.

robin + barb kingman | november 10, 2014

Thanks Peter and Bev. You guys are by far the best carpet cleaners we've used. Your attention to detail, prompt service and winning personalities make Only-Way Cleaning Services literally the only way to go, and the only way we will go for all our cleaning needs in the future.

chantale robinson | november 7, 2014

Only-Way Services are great! Peter and Bev have always done a great job on my carpets. I first used them because my carpets looked like they had stains all around (after years of my kids tracking messes around the house and spilling stuff on the carpets). I didn't think that my floors could look or smell great again... but they ended up looking like new and smelling great. Today I had my carpets cleaned after a big reno in the house and once again the carpets look awesome! Prompt, courteous and friendly people... and great prices. It is nice to have a company come in and do the job right the first time. They also have great attention to detail, as right away they put up corner wall protectors to make sure that their equipment doesn't mark any walls, and they get drying started on the carpets as they go along. I would highly recommend Only-Way Services if you want a great job done by great people!

ray + diane kinasewich | november 4, 2014

Peter and Bev, we will recommend your service to everyone living in our complex. You have made our 17 year old carpets look new again. Will hold off replacing them for several more years. Thank you for the great service you provide. Great dealing with people who really know their business. Keep up the good work.

barbara halcrow | july 2, 2014

Hi Peter and Bev. I really appreciated your good work on the Marpole Ave. condo in Port Coquitlam and I’d like to add my testimonial to your website if you feel it is suitable:

To anyone who needs honest, reliable, excellent carpet care cleaning — call Only-Way Services. I found Peter and Bev to be an excellent, knowledgeable and friendly team. They cleaned our 2 bedroom condo in Port Coquitlam and did a fantastic job in completely removing some very tough pet stains and other challenging wear and tear areas. They are committed to their work and to customer satisfaction. I’m very pleased with their service and would certainly call on them again. Thanks for your great work, Bev and Peter!

glen klassen | june 16, 2014

I have been a full time Realtor since 1990 and sold hundreds and hundreds of homes over those years. As well, over the years have used a lot of different carpet cleaners, different because I was always looking for someone to do a consistently good job and be a reliable contact.  Now I only use one. Well, actually two: Peter and Bev. They are my “go to” carpet care professionals — always reliable, always professional and always doing great work. It is an easy referral for me to say that I use the best local carpet cleaners around. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.  

bryan leonhardt | may 14, 2014

Peter and Beverly, I want to thank you for looking after my clients in Surrey. Jason and Joanna are very happy with the job you did. It is nice to know that I can refer you to my clients at Macdonald Realty and know the job will be done right.


I was in 'quite the pickle' on the Eve before New Year's needing carpets cleaned within mere hours of new tenants moving in! I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Peter and Bev.  Not only were they knowledgeable and personable, but they were also more than willing to help me out with my situation (and as luck would have it, on short notice too!). I thought for sure the carpets needed replacing but to my surprise they were able to remove the dreadful black stains. The products they used were safe for the puppy dog and "soon-to-be" baby moving in, which put the new tenants at ease as well. They even put down corner guards for the walls/doors/corners to protect and avoid damaging them with the machinery and hoses they were using — I've never seen anyone do that before! Thanks to Bev & Peter they were able to save me, and the day. Carpet cleaning is fairly common in my line of work and based on my experience, Only-Way Services has definitely moved to the top of my "go-to" list. I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again for all your help!  Until next time...

sandra h. | december 9, 2013

Hi Peter and Beverly. I just wanted to thank you again for coming in to clean our carpets. I was so impressed with the pictures on your website and hoped that you could perform the same miracle on our old carpets. The difference after the cleaning was night and day! My mom came the next day and just kept walking through the house and repeating how great the carpets looked and how the price was so reasonable. That's a huge compliment to you as she's very picky. Our cleaners also requested your card (which I gave them) because they've been vacuuming our carpets for the last year and were amazed at the difference. Thanks again and it was great meeting you.

leslie | september 9, 2012

Hi Peter: You have no idea how happy I am the way you and your son cleaned my carpets. I really had low expectations. It just makes it feel so different inside as I "hated" those carpets. But for now, while we wait to get new floors, this was the perfect solution. I don't have to be embarrassed by my carpets anymore. My husband was impressed too. So thanks from both of us. And Laddy too, who now has to have his paws wiped much to his objections. Ha ha.

erin g. | august 4, 2012

Thanks Again for the terrific job you and your son Justin did on our carpets and tile. The kitchen tile floor truly looks like new. My husband was "floored" (ha ha) by the difference. The colour was night and day once you went to work. This is truly shocking as I have scrubbed that floor many times on my hands and knees and was never able to get the kitchen tile so clean. I also was very pleased with the kitchen counter tops. You could actually feel the difference in the granite — that gritty feel had been removed and was left with a shiny, smooth surface. More importantly, I am pleased to know the we have sanitized our kitchen workspace and now sealed our counter tops to keep germs at bay. As you can appreciate with a 3 year old at home we want our living space to be as clean as possible. Thank you for helping us achieve that!!

jeanne gilbert | july 25, 2012

Peter & Bev, thank you so much for the excellent job that you did cleaning our carpets. With three dogs having just gone through the puppy stages of training, I thought the carpets would have to be replaced, but you miraculously saved them. In addition, your friendly service was just so refreshing in today's world! Talk to you soon. Thanks again.

tim horner | july 17, 2012

I hired Only-Way Services to clean some carpets in my own home. I called with short notice and they were extremely accommodating, very professional and when they were done the (pet stained) carpets looked like new. In my opinion, the price and friendly, efficient service is unmatched in Metro Vancouver. I now recommend Peter & Beverly to all my clients here at Sutton Realty, and have heard nothing but praise from happy customers!

alita reid | july 5, 2012

I found Only-Way Services online when I was searching for a reliable, experienced service to clean my slate tile and grout. I have had two previous estimates that were outrageously high for a cleaning service and to “colour my grout” which I did not want. Peter gave me a fair estimate based on the amount of hours worked and a detailed explanation of the process involved to safely and efficiently clean my slate floors prior to applying a sealant. The results were spectacular! The cleaning brought up the colour of the tile which I had not seen in years! The results have been very satisfying and I would highly recommend Peter and his wife Bev for any cleaning service for a reliable, honest and efficient job.

ron logan | june 21, 2012

Peter & Beverly, thank-you again for the job you did on my carpets! They went from terrible to new in only a couple of hours. I have never had such courteous service in any industry! You guys are beyond great! I would highly recommend you to anybody he needs serious carpet cleaning (or any other service you may provide!). Thanks again for the top notch service!!

nazly rahimi | june 17, 2012

had my carpets cleaned by Only-Way Cleaning Services and couldn't be happier with the job! I would recommend their service to anyone and will be calling on them next time my carpets need cleaning. Thank you Peter for the great service!

natalie potock | june 4, 2012

Hi Peter and Bev. The carpets look fantastic! The spare room especially! Thank you for your services. I will make sure to refer you to family and friends!

jackie grieve | may 31, 2012

WOW — thanks so much Bev and Peter!! I was looking at installing new carpets and now the old carpets look new again. You did an excellent job and it was great to meet you both. 

liza tumaliuan | april 3, 2012

Peter and Bev are the greatest people to work with. They were very flexible with their schedule and they have the best rates in the market — even better than those everyday deals! The best part is, they made our carpet look, feel and smell brand new. Thanks!

d. paris | february 10, 2012

Thank you Peter and Bev! It was really nice meeting you both :) I was looking for a local carpet cleaning company in Coquitlam with affordable pricing and when I found your site, I just had a good feeling about your company for the job. Family based business with a friendly and open web page definitely made me call. The bonus was that the pricing listed right on your site was genuine and honest pricing — no outrageous rates! My carpets were in pretty rough shape... teenagers and a new dog! I hadn't cleaned them in over 5 years and they now look brand new! What I really appreciated about your services was the fact that you showed me how your machine worked and the difference between the cleaned area vs. the dirty. I really enjoyed your friendly personalities and you got the job done quickly! Thank you again!

adrienne williams | january 2, 2012

Pete and Bev, thank you so much for the AMAZING job you did on my carpets. You provide the ultimate in friendly customer service and do an incredible job for a very reasonable price. My 27 year old cream carpet looks brand new! As you promised, everything would be dry within a couple of hours and the fan certainly made that a reality. I also very much appreciate the little details — taking care with protecting my walls, getting the edges as clean as possible, etc., and working to remove the window install ‘goop’ on my family room carpet. I will be passing your name along to all my friends as you provide without a doubt the best carpet cleaning services I’ve had. Kind of makes me wish I didn’t have so much hardwood in my house! Happy New Year to you and thank you once again — it was a pleasure to have you in my home.  

karl + chris | november 24, 2011

Dear Peter and Beverly. I can't believe you did such a wonderful job! You have one satisfied customer for life. I called Peter to get my carpets cleaned. We had a fish tank that was leaking and we weren't sure for how long. Peter lifted the carpet and we saw the underlay was soaked. All I could see were dollar signs. I was sure we would have to replace the carpet. Well, Peter brought the fan and we blew it all night and lo and behold by the morning it was dry. He and Bev were so professional and honestly knowledgeable and they exuded such confidence that I never thought of calling anyone else. So no more dark socks on the carpet and we went out and bought new slippers. LOL. Put me on a recall list!

paula + james foster | september 24, 2011

I just wanted to send a “Thank You!”  to you for the wonderful job you did on my carpets. The carpet looks fabulous and all the stains are gone, even the ones we thought couldn’t be removed. I am thrilled with the results and have already recommended you to several friends. We will definitely use you again. The service was excellent.

vivian van bockern | september 17, 2011

Dear Peter and Bev. Thank you again for your EXCELLENT service cleaning my challenging carpet!  The results were stunning! It feels very good to know they are so clean after your care.  It was obvious right off that you know what you're doing, and you really care about how the carpet is transformed by your skills. Also, you were a pleasure to have in my house, 
and that doesn't happen a lot during these kinds of services. I'll be calling you again, that's for sure.

rod mcleod | september 1, 2011

Thank you for looking after my clients through Royal LePage, from pre-cleaning for a new client or getting in to clean for my clients ready to list, you always try to work with me on sometimes unreasonable timetables. My clients love your professionalism and attention to detail. I also want to take a moment to thank you for looking after my family's home. The stairs were in rough shape, and we wondered if they needed replacement, but they look awesome. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

kim p. | june 18, 2011

Great job, trustworthy, reliable, reasonable rates (even gave me 6 stairs free). Came in on a Saturday morning with only one day's notice and on his wife's birthday to accommodate my schedule. Carpets look great, smell great and let my little doggie back in the house before he left (Chai thanks you too). Thanks Peter for the awesome service.

catrina + roy ward | march 8, 2011

We are so pleased to have visited with you again today. The house looks brand new and the carpets perfect! We will see you again next year.

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